The Difference Between Being a Child and a Teenager

Good Evening Munchkins! I’m extremely happy today which I will explain why later but yeah, let’s get on with today’s blog post. If you’ve been following me for a long time, firstly thank you and well done, but secondly you may remember 3 months ago I turned 13. I blogged quite a lot through it which I will put links to below but I’ve noticed a number of changes once you have ‘teen’ after your number in age. 

Today I will be listing 10 things I’ve noticed so far, and I know it’s only 3 months and theres a long way to go, but these are the first little things I’ve noticed. 

1. It’s practically illegal to go around with no makeup, pale and your hair not done. I started wearing makeup when I was 12 but the fact that appearance is such a major and significant thing in a teenager’s life these days is worrying to be honest. Of course it’s untrue and natural beauty is gorgeous. 

2. You must drink fizzy drinks/alcohol at all times. Ugh, sorry, with a Great Uncle whose just been diagnosed with Liver Cancer it’s made me even more aware of the effects or alcohol. Also, what’s wrong with a hot chocolate/cup of tea/fruit juice/squash/water. Yes, there are still girls like us out there.

3. No Social Media = No Life. Obviously this is untrue but I did join Pinterest and Tumblr on my birthday and already had Facebook (you know we all do it!). I would love Instagram but I don’t have an Iphone or Ipod and I don’t really want one, so that ones not going to happen. Also, I’m not saying I won’t ever but Twitter just confuses me so I didn’t get it for that main reason.

4. You are always crafty. No, just no, I’m in no way crafty. Let’s just leave that as that.

5. You are reckless. Um, no. All the time I’ve been 13 it’s been school, exams and options. School has become a major part of my life recently but I know the outcome will be good at the end. 

6. You go out a lot more. OK, I’ve been to an Under-18’s Club once and that was in January before my birthday, so not 100% true I’m afraid.

7. You go around sleeping with everyone in your sight. I agree, we’re hormonal little things that don’t know what to do with ourselves but I don’t know anyone our age that does that sort of thing. 

8. You become terrorists/thieves/drug addicts etc. I do know some people who do drugs but thats a very small percentage of people, I can assure you. 

9. You become effortlessly cool. I’m afraid not, I’ve tried and failed unfortunately. Anyone who knows me would not put those two words together to describe me, I can assure you.

10. Everything becomes harder. Yes. 

I know some of those you might not have even thought of but it happens and not necessarily to people I know but in the news and stuff, so yeah. Also, don’t just stereotype teenagers. I would love to be part of a campaign that stopped stereotyping full stop because it’s just a terrible thing all round. 

At the beginning of this blog I mentioned being extremely happy and here is where I explain why. Another blogger you may have heard of called MovieGeek has nominated me for a Liebster Award. OK, for those that have been here for years might think it’s nothing but anything with the word ‘award’ in excites me and not just for me but awards for friends and family as well. I’ll leave a link to her below but I’ve just got to ask her some stuff then I’ll post the proper blog post on it but I’m so happy. If anyone would like to explain to this blonde person what it actually is then I’ll be very grateful, I just feel guilty I don’t know what it is!

So thank you for reading and of course welcome new readers,

Rachel xx


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