Teen Pregnancy

Good Afternoon my Munchkins! I hope you enjoyed my last blog post featuring Chummy C, as I say, if you would like me to do any more collabs like that just let me know and I will get on it. Today is going to be a deep/help-y kind of one (as you can tell by the title) so yeah, let’s get on. Just a bit of a disclaimer, this is something I haven’t experienced, but I’ve known or known of teen pregnancies and no pregnancy is a walk in the park but I think being a teenager would make it harder.  

The youngest mum in the UK gave birth earlier this year at the age of just 12 and the youngest dad (not the dad or her baby) was 13 when his daughter was born in the UK last year. I’m 13 and to have a baby would just be so overwhelming and scary, but why would you want to ‘do it’ at such a young age? What possesses you to do such a thing when you’re practically still a child yourself? It is kind of frightening that people my age are going around sleeping with people and the only thing on my mind at the moment is school and education. My Aunt had my eldest cousin when she was 19 which is considered a ‘Teen Mum’ even though she was 18 when she first fell pregnant, but until the age of 20 it’s considered a ‘Teen Pregnancy’ which is quite confusing but sort of understandable I guess. She has had 3 other kids since then and is 100% fine and never used it as an excuse. Also, she turned 40 yesterday, so happy birthday! 

When I joined the secondary school I’m at in September 2012 there was a girl there in Year 11 (15-16) who was a few months pregnant. I’m not going to lie, I was expecting it, I don’t come from the best of areas and you also see it on the news and stuff. Rumour has it she gave the baby away for adoption as soon as it was born which is really sad but she did have all her exams and a baby would not make it any easier. There’s also a girl who doesn’t go to my school but about 13-14 whose pregnant and in the year above me and school and another girl in our school in Year 10 (14-15) who we think is pregnant. What’s also worrying is me and my friends are on the watch for it, I know it’s not right but everyone says that and does it, let’s be honest. 

Teen Pregnancy can go either way. Obviously if you’re going to have sex you should use protection but it’s your choice if you don’t. It can either go really well or not. You can be really happy and excited or really down about it and end up giving the baby up for adoption like the girl in my school did. I’m not here to make your choices but you need to look at it from both angles, aside from all the baby clothes and toys. In any pregnancy you need to review your options carefully and in no biased way. 

As I say, I can’t really explain or describe pregnancy or teen pregnancy but here are some tips which I can only recommend:

– Review your options. Is it better to get on with your education and school life than having a baby to deal with? I know it sounds harsh, but would the baby be in the right care with you or trained professionals? 

– Explain yourself. By this I mean if you do give your baby up for adoption then explain why in a letter they can read back. It’s better to give people answers straight away then leave them asking questions.

– Get a counsellor. Every school or college should have one to go talk to or someone of that job profession thing (how professional). Talking to someone could really help and they’ll be able to give you much better advice than I could ever give!

– Tell your parents and talk to them about it. If your parents were teen parents as well then it might be easier and better to talk to them and their views on it. If your parents flip out like you fear then just explain everything to them and never get too stressed – not good for baby.

– Don’t go around telling everyone. Only tell the people closest to you or who you trust. There’s no point telling everyone because they could judge you. Hopefully they won’t but not everyone in this world is perfect. 

I really hope I’ve at least put you at ease if you’re in this situation or helped a little bit. If I’ve helped one person then that’s my job done. As always if you want to contact me with any questions or queries then my links are below. I know this wasn’t the best as some others but I’ve tried or at least explained to some people how it can be. Also, if you remember last week which was a couple of blogs ago I wrote about Cancer, I wrote a story for an English assessment and I got really good grades for it and I’m so chuffed. I was going to ask if you would like me to upload that during the week? I might do it anyway, but just wanted to get your opinions. If you have any other help or advice for people write it in the comments below for people to see. 

So thank you for reading, I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx 


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk

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Samaritans: http://www.samaritans.org/


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