Top 5 Films To Watch With a Boy

Good Afternoon Munchkins! As a sort of follow up from last week this is the second installment in ‘Top 5 Films To Watch With . . .’ and this time its boys. As promised I am here with Chummy C even though you can’t really tell.

What is basically going to happen is she’s going to pick two, I’m going to pick two and then we’ll choose one together. Clearly we mean films on a date so sorry if you just want to watch a film with your brother or cousin or someone like that. Could get awkward otherwise! If you would like me to do a blog post on that then just let me know in the comments or email me (links, as always are below). I think we should get! (Chummy C is bold and I’m italics to get things a bit easier for you). And also, they’re in no order so don’t get offended or anything if we’ve put it in an order you don’t agree with. If you have any other films that would go well in this category write them below and we’ll get to watching them!

1. The Notebook. I recommend this as the end is the perfect moment for a romantic kiss. It is a film about two lovers and their struggles before eventually realising they are perfect for each other. By the end of the film there will be no dry eyes. 



2. Safe Haven. I can’t remember if I mentioned this in the last ‘Top 5 Films’ but it is so good for friends and boys. It’s romantic but mysterious so it can fit everyone. It’s basically a love story between a girl called Katie and a boy she met when she moved after a mystery problem . . . as you can tell I’m made for writing synopsis’! 



3. The Lucky One. This film (featuring Zac Efron may I add) is about a boy in the army that finds a picture of a girl after a massive explosion and believes the girl in the photo saved his life. When he comes back from the army he finds the girl and falls in love with her. The ex husband of this girl is a police officer so when he finds out why Zac’s character come to find his ex wife he thinks Zac’s character is a possessed stalker so they break up. When the girl finds out what really happens there are romantic quotes and an ending you won forget. Perfect for you and your partner to watch.



4. One Day is a film starring Anne Hathaway and follows Emma and Dexter as they come across the same day they graduate each year. Their rocky friendship soon turns into love but it is quite sad at the end so if you don’t like really sad films then maybe this isn’t the one for you. It’s really sweet and probably something some older people could relate to and it will prove whether the boy your with is the right boy for you (e.g whether he cries or not, whether he comforts you etc.).




5. Dirty Dancing, a well known classic!! It’s a very romantic film and has it’s funny moments and perfect for everyone! It follows Baby as she goes on a summer holiday and meets Johnny and they go on a whirlwind romance. It’s quite an old film but ask anyone you’ll know and they’ll recommend this. It’s just like the perfect film for not even dates but girly nights in. 



OK, top 5, as I say, not in order just as they come to our minds. If you have any other suggestions just write them below. If you need any help or advice as always my links are below. If you would like to see more of these ‘Top 5’ or collabs with Chummy just let me know and we will arrange it. 

Thank you for reading and thank you for reading,

Rachel and Chummy C xx


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