How To Deal With Rejection

Hello my Munchkins. I know in my last blog I wouldn’t upload today because I was going to visit my aunt for her birthday but something happened during the week and it’s now been moved to a later date. I also said that I was going to upload last Sunday which I didn’t so it is kind of making up for it. I was going to do a blog like last weeks but something happened today and I thought ‘well, it’s going to happen’ and I know it’s happening to loads of girls out there as well. That is rejection. Also, something that happened this week is I got my bottom brace on (I know, the sad little person I am!).

Now this can be anything from boys to a job. In my case its boys, so that’s what I’ll be explaining today and I hope it’s only going to be a short one, but you know, don’t want to bore you or anything. 

OK, so Monday (which is a Bank Holiday, I’m not quite at that stage yet) me and two of my friends were going to go out (including Chummy C) and Chummy C was going to set me up with one of Bubbles (the other girl, not her real name can I just add) older guy friends. I’ve met him before, he’s OK, go to school together, don’t spend every living breathing hour with him, but I know of his existence as it were. I won’t name him but Bubbles and Chummy thought we’d go really well together, he’s funny, I crack the occasional joke (if it weren’t for that Bipolar it’d be all the time *sad face*), we both like hugs, both caring, and it was only when Chummy pointed this out I noticed it. So me being me spent all of last night and this morning thinking about him and Monday, as you do, just imagining the ‘perfect’ day. Chummy and Bubbles asked him yesterday whether he was free Monday. He spoke to Bubbles on the phone when we were there and he said he wasn’t sure, fine, I can deal with that. Then on FaceBook he tells Chummy (and I quote) ‘No, sorry’. No reason, nothing. When I can’t make something I really milk it because that’s the stereotypical British person for you, and there’s no use denying it. I no it sounds like a rant but it does anger me a bit and upset me. He knows who I am, spoken to me, but I don’t no. Chummy said that her and Bubbles were trying to set us up but yeah, put it nicely at least. I’d be flattered personally. 

When Chummy told me it was a bit of a shock because whenever I saw him he was always a really nice person, which I’m sure he is but it’s just the way he came across. Let me just explain myself from before as well. I was obviously upset because I was really looking forward to it as you do but angry because he put no reason and I’m sure it’s because of how I look. At school I don’t wear makeup because it’ll mean waking up really early which I don’t particularly want to do, I wear glasses (cheap-Tesco-on-the-NHS-ones, may I add) and the uniform is extremely unflattering. I think it made me realise how judgemental people are even if I go walking round town not caring what people think. It kind of shook me up a bit in a weird way but within a few hours I was fine and back to myself (with help from the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack on Spotify). It scared me though to think I could go back to that place after so long trying to get away with it.

Yeah, I imagined Monday being an amazing day, but I’ve still got my Chummy and Bubbles. I think that’s super important if you’ve just been rejected or broken up with someone because they’ve always been there throughout it and everything (as long as you don’t leave them out that is). Also, taking it out on yourself is never the way to handle things, it’s his fault he isn’t mature enough/understanding/unbiased. Obviously it could be he’s doing something but he could’ve at least said ‘No, sorry, I’ve got something on but thanks for the thought and maybe we could rearrange sometime?’, that I would’ve been fine with. 

OK, I know that was a massive rant but I did add advice in and it was a quick one, I know, but it is something I never realised would be a big deal until now. Also, does anyone know how to fix earphones? Mine are from New Look and I got them for Christmas and I have to twist them in the hole (ooo err) to get any sound out if at all? If you have any advice or worries write it in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading and getting to the end of this rant, 

Rachel xx


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