Best Films To Watch With a Friend

Good Afternoon Munchkins. Long time no see which I am sorry about but I went back to school Tuesday (sad face) and left all my revision to the last minute (which is the wrong thing to do as learnt through experience). To make up for it I will be blogging Saturday and Sunday for the next few weeks apart from next week which will probably be Sunday and then the Monday after (Bank Holiday) as it’s my Aunt’s birthday lunch on the Saturday so it’s physically impossible to blog and celebrate. Again, sorry for the lack of multi-tasking ability. 

Today (as you can tell from the title) I will be saying what I personally think are the best films films to watch with a friend at a  sleepover or pyjama day. It will be top 5 and in no particular order but I will give  quick synopsis and why I like it. Of course if you have your own suggestions and they’re not there write it in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check them out. One other thing to say before we start is I haven’t yet been able to watch The Notebook and I’m saying this because I know it’s hugely popular and everyone watches it at a sleepover so please don’t kill me for not including it. Also I will be adding links to each of the films from Amazon and Ebay as I know different people prefer different websites and I don’t think HMV deliver anymore, last time I checked anyway. Sorry if I’m wrong about this, but just to let you know what the links are. As always I don’t have the American or European version of the links as I’m a blonde 13-year-old girl. Sorry. 

1. The Twilight Saga

I know over the years The Twilight Saga has had mixed reviews but I personally love the whole series, books and films. There are 5 films in the series (4 books) and as you probably know follow the love triangle of Bella Swan (human), Edward Cullen (vampire) and Jacob Black (werewolf). The first film is called Twilight (shocking, I know) and follows Bella as she moves to a new town with her Dad where she meets Edward, who unbeknown to her at first is a vampire. They soon start a relationship but trouble brews . . . (cliffhanger, go watch it to find out what happens!).

The second film is called New Moon where Edward moves away and Bella’s relationship with Jacob grows until Bella does something ‘reckless’ which she promises Edward she wouldn’t do and yeah, stuff happens (what a good way to end that one!).

Eclipse is the third film in the series where I think it gets a bit confusing but I’ll try my best to explain. The Voltori (basically the government of vampire world) think they’ve let the cat out the bag with Bella knowing about what they are which is against their ‘laws’ so, yeah, watch it and you’ll find out! (I’m sorry, just trying to get you to watch them!) Jacob also declares his love for Bella in this film and Edward proposes. Just saying. 

The penultimate (ooh, posh word) film (Breaking Dawn: Part 1) is where Bella and Edward get married and Bella becomes pregnant with a half-human-half-vampire child which is not good. 

The final film (Breaking Dawn: Part 2) shows Bella and Edward with their child and trying to prove to the Volturi that they didn’t bite a child to become a vampire (again, against the law) but she was infact born which isn’t easily settled over a cup of tea, if you get my drift. 

All these films are a 12 maybe one of them a 15, but if this sort of film doesn’t float your boat, then don’t worry about it. This is purely a recommendation because I love these films so much. Each one is around 2 hrs long but I love them because even though I’ve watched the whole series and know every word I love watching them for the romance and the excitement. Stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.  (WARNING: A LOT OF LINKS!!!) 

Amazon, full boxset:

Amazon, single DVD’s Twilight:

New Moon:


Breaking Dawn: Part 1:

Breaking Dawn: Part 2:

Ebay, full boxset:

Ebay, single DVD’s Twilight:

New Moon:


Breaking Dawn: Part 1:

Breaking Dawn: Part 2:


2. Four Weddings and a Funeral

This is self-explanatory really but I love this film so much. It’s a British film starring Hugh Laurie and he basically attends the first wedding as the best man and falls in love with one of the guests who is American called Carrie. At the other weddings (which one happens to be hers) and the funeral they meet again and I guess you could call it a romance but it’s such a British comedy, I love it. It’s a 15 but I would not miss it, not that I’m saying you should view films underage. As long as there’s an adult there it should be fine! It is a bit sad at the funeral but it doesn’t last long and the rest of the film is just so funny. 




3. One Direction: This Is Us

Need I say no more, nearly 2 hrs of non-stop One Direction. Most girls I’m sure have seen this and me and my friends just have complete 1D evenings with CD’s, DVD’s, fanfiction, yeah, everything. If you don’t know or haven’t seen the film it follows the boys on there Take Me Home Tour, behind the scenes, before, after, during, everything! Any One Direction fan would love this, trust me! It’s PG so it’s OK, for everyone so you can teach your younger siblings well!




4. Safe Haven

I’ve been wanting to watch this film for ages and when I found it on Netflix I was so happy. The film follows Katie (Julianne Hough) as she moves to a new town due to an unknown reason (ooh, mystery) and she falls in love with Alex (Josh Duhamel). It all goes fine until the reason she moved comes back . . .. I love this film because it’s mysterious but the relationship between Katie and Alex is just so sweet. It’s rated a 12.




5. One Day

Another romance (sorry) starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. It starts on the day they graduate (when they first meet) and follows them on that day every year after. They’re friendship soon turns into a relationship and the ending’s quite sad but it is a really nice film. My friend recommended this to me and I can honestly see why, it is one of those stereotypical teenage girl films but I can’t help being a cliche! This is also rated a 12. 




OK, so those are my Top 5 Films To Watch With a Friend. As I said at the beginning these are in no order but if you would like to tell me your Top 5 Films either to watch with a friend or just as a whole then you’re more than welcome to in the comments. If you have any requests you can also write that in the comments and like if you would like to see more of these in the future. I’ve already got one planned, but you know, go ahead. My links are below if you have any other worries. And sorry for all the links, I do realise there have been a lot!

Thank you for reading and see you soon,

Rachel xx


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