Good Afternoon my Munchkins. If you remember a couple of weeks ago I did a Help/Advice blog on Friendships and this time it is Relationships.

I’m at the age where everyone’s got boyfriends apart from me and it makes me feel so lonely but probably 70% of all the other girls in my school are going through the same thing, so it’s OK. The thing is two of my closest friends are going out with Year 10’s (we’re Year 8) and they don’t use them or anything like you’d think they’re actually really nice people. This only annoys me more because not even someone from my year would ask me out. Now, I know what you’re thinking ‘Oh, she’s 13, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about’, you’re right, I don’t. I don’t know what actually happens in a proper relationship and it could be a few years before I do get into a relationship myself but as I’ve said I’ve got friends who know this stuff and we’re taught about it, so yeah. This blog is purely on Teenage Relationships, not anything else but I will do a blog on that sort of stuff if you want me to. 

Being Single

There’s honestly nothing wrong with being single, we’re teenager’s for God’s sake, not someone whose in desperate need to get married. It means you can go out without someone forever asking where you are and more time on your school/college/career and friends. Just because your not going to get that ‘Kiss in the Rain’ or ‘Cute Movie Nights’ or be able to go ‘aww, gotta love him #cute’ doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. 

Asking a boy/girl out

First of all make sure you drop some sort of subtle (note that word) hints that you like them. Now that does not mean full on flirting or impressing them in anyway. If he/she likes you, they’ll like you for you so don’t change who you are. Making sure you’re friends first is quite good because then you know stuff about each other and you won’t be nervous talking to them. The worst thing that’s going to happen is they say ‘no’ but if they really make you feel worthless and don’t tell you nicely then just imagine what being with them would’ve been like. You would’ve not been a happy bunny. 

Being in a relationship

I have limited experience on this (thanks) but I have been third-wheeled a lot so I know the basics.

  • Do not leave your friends out. Whats the point? Don’t ignore them, you talked to them before, what’s changed? If your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t like you friends just think a bit. Mates before dates remember! And nothing last forever, so are you just going to be alone when its all over? I’m not saying ignore them completely but even out your time so you spend time with everyone.
  • Do not change who you are for them. I touched on this a bit earlier, but just to get it clear.
  • Don’t let them control your life for them. Personally my life goes Family, Friends, School then Dates, but this is me at the moment reading One Direction Imagines on Wattpad in my time. Sorry.  If you don’t spend your time on your Education you have very little chance of getting good grades in your exams and then where are you going to end up? It all starts from one little thing, Munchkins, just remember that. 
  • Abuse in relationships is a massive no no. Whether your the victim or abuser it is not right so get it to stop right now. This can go from physical, emotional, sexual and mental abuse, all of which last a life time in their minds if not on their skin. I will leave some links below as always but definately get it sorted. I will definitely touch on this in a separate blog because it really does deserves that. 

After a relationship

After a relationship it does tend to be a sad time unless it was for the better then you may feel a little better. This is when friends help! Plan movie nights, pamper evenings, anything to take your mind off it and to make you feel like you again. Obviously that bit was aimed at girls because I don’t know many guys that would do that, but if that floats your boat, go for it. I’m not sure what to say for guys. I wouldn’t get with someone else straight away because that could give you the wrong reputation, but just spend some time with your mates. Chances are at least one in your friendship group would’ve gone through the same sort of thing at least once. 

Bisexuals, Lesbians and Gays

Thinking you are any of the above is in no way a weird or a bad thing. If you have those feeling for someone, don’t just ignore them. Just because you have a feeling towards someone of the same sex which may be different to the rest of your friends, more than definately someone else in your school/college is thinking the same sort of things. Don’t ignore your feelings and go for it!


OK, so Love is an Open Door from Frozen has just started playing on Spotify and it’s so cheesy it just made me laugh. I hope this has helped, if you have any advice write it in the comments below or if you have a question email me.

As always, links are below so thank you for reading and see you soon!

Rachel xx



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