How To Deal With School: Homework

Good afternoon my Munchkins. Today is a new edition of the ‘How to Deal with School’ series and this time is about homework. For most of us homework is just something we have to do and give it in by a certain date but as we know many people are late or just don’t do the work given. Only 2 times in my school life have I done this but both times I forgot and one of which I did during lesson, so it’s OK. Not that I recommend that (sorry). Here are some handy tips that should keep you on track or at least a little less stressed.

1. Don’t wait until the weekend. If you’re at secondary school like me, chances are at the beginning of each school year you are given an organiser to stay on top of your homework. If your given 1 or 2 pieces a day then that’s not much after school but at weekends that can be as much as 10 bits of homework. Even though it probably will take the same amount of time, it’s easier to break it down. Also, it will leave the weekend free for you.

2. Revise a few days before the test. For those going through their GCSE’s this will help or if your just having mid-term tests (like I am when we go back next week). If you spend 2 solid weeks revising for just one test then chances are your going to get so worked up you’ll panic or your head will just explode with information. For those in the UK theres always BBC Bitesize which there will be a link for at the end and that helps everyone of any age. I use it like a drug before any exam. 

3. Split your time wisely. I cannot stress this enough. Some nights I could have just way to much homework so I get bored which means I’ll do a few bits then Skype someone, just because I can. Don’t do this for too long though, and don’t say, ‘Oh, yeah, I’ll get round to it’ because I know nobody who actually does. 

4. Get away from all noise. When I do my homework I go into the kitchen and put on BBC Radio 1 or Capital (links are below) because I think music relaxes me but do whatever you need to help you relax. I don’t think the sun and hot weather will help anyone much though at this time of year.

5. Split your homework in categories. I sound so OCD when I say this but if you split it into ‘Creative’ (posters, leaflets etc), ‘Worksheets’ and ‘Word’ then it does help. Then you’ll be able to get just a biro or your colouring pens (aww, 5 again!) or turn on your laptop to type something up on Word or revise on BBC Bitesize. Always do the internet revision or typing up last as otherwise you might end up on Facebook and then there’s no hope that your homework will get done. 

OK, so those were my 5 Top Tips. If I have missed anything then please tell me because I probably have and if you have any advice or worries then let me know by writing it in the comments below or email me (links at the end). 

Thank you for reading and sorry if my blogs have been really short recently, but if you do want me to redo any just let me know and I’ll get to it. 

Rachel xx


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