How To Reach Your Goals In Life

Good afternoon my Munchkins. Today this could get deep so get your snorkel on (am I the only one that does that?). Today (as you can tell my the title) is about reaching goals during your lifetime, if you want to word it differently. 

As you probably already know, I am going through Year 8 Options at school and I gave in my form the day we broke up for the Easter holidays (deadline, what deadline!?) and whatever our outcomes be by the end of it, it will be a significant change to our education and our lives once we leave school. If you read my post a couple of weeks ago about it you will know I chose Drama, Media, Health & Social Care, History and my reserve Computer Science. My best friend however (Chummy C) chose Health & Social Care, Dance, Textiles, Computer Science and her reserve Media. If you have a eyes and brain to join it then you will know if we don’t get our reserves we will only have one lesson together. You (if you have or are going through it) will know that you won’t be with your friends in every lesson, but you can always make more and it’s going to go towards a career which hopefully you will love. For me thats Drama, and to be an actress would just be amazing.

Now, for me, becoming an actress will be quite difficult. 

1. I live nearly two hours away from London (A.K.A. the West End).

2. There are no decent Stage Schools/Drama Classes that are cheap enough or do the things I need to learn.

3. Unless I bother to get up and do something which is pretty much impossible (check point 1 & 2) then I will never get the things I need on a CV or just plain experience. 

Coming from a working class family has never worried me or stopped me in any way before, but with a stage school that’s like £100 a term, I know I could never put my parents through that financial hell. When I first decided I wanted to be an actress I thought it would be easy. 

1. Take Drama GCSE.

2. Pass.

3. Go to the Italia Conti School of Performing Arts in London.

4. Pass.

5. Do shows in the West End.

6. Get recognised.

7. Be showered by love and money. 

No, Mini Me, no. Life is not that easy. Since then I have learnt about something called realism. Be realistic. Of course you can be whoever you want to be but don’t make the plans I did. It’s just embarrassing looking back. I’ll just be happy getting Drama as one of my GCSE’s, to be honest. 

If you have a completely ‘out there’ as some people put it dream like me then always make a backup plan. This might seem like you’re downgrading yourself a bit, but it’s like saying, ‘Oh, I could get the train to Charring Cross then go on to Covent Garden, but if that doesn’t work I could get the tube from London Bridge to Piccadilly Circus and walk round’. Oh, what a British example. It is like that though. Throughout day to day life you’re going to have to make a backup plan and this is no different. My backup plan is beautician, but do not resort yourself to Tesco. And don’t think that because you’re older you can’t do it, look at Sam Bailey for example, she’s in her mid-thirties and won The X Factor last year. 

So here are my top tips for reaching your goals:

– Experience: Whether this is a Saturday job in a hairdressers or just practicing lines in a mirror, experience is a must. 

– Backup Plan: Need I explain more?

– Careers Advisor: This is clearly for when your at school or college but knowing what courses to take after school or anywhere you could get experience is something they’re trained in. They will give you the help and advice you need to get where you want to be. 

– Search around for jobs: Most people want jobs and anything beats nothing if it gives you just that little bit more. 

– Stay True: I can not emphasise this enough. I hate fake people and people won’t like you unless you’re you because that’s what people look for, and if your career means changing who you are, maybe you should rethink it a bit. 

 – Never Give Up: If you’ve just got little jobs when you really want the big jobs, just stay patient and it will eventually come. This could be a few months or even years, but it will be worth it, I promise. 

OK, you can now take off your snorkels because I think that’s everything I wanted to cover. Obviously, if there’s something else you want to ask me or cover, just write it in the comments or email me at my email address which will be at the bottom. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and I hope this has helped you or just given you that extra little boost. 

Yeah, so thank you for reading and I’ll see you during the week hopefully, with it being Easter and that,

Rachel xx


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