Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Good Afternoon my Munchkins and Happy April! Today I will be doing a short review kind of thing on a book called Wonder as you can tell by the title. Sorry if this is not the kind of thing you enjoy but as it’s the Easter holidays I will be updating a few times a week now. 

Initially I had to read this for something at school, but I loved the idea of it and just thought it was interesting as well as enjoyable. It’s about this 10-year-old boy called August who has facial disfigurement. Straight away after hearing this I knew I wanted to read it. I’ve always been interested in real-life kind of books which you could relate to in some way but it also intrigued me. You’ve got books like ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ which are about cancer and you want to know it from their point of view but if I was told to write a book of that genre I would choose cancer because it is well known and a terrible thing to go through. Never did I imagine something like a disability or disfigurement to write about which now feels really stupid because now I’ve read it it seems obvious. 

I haven’t read anything else by R.J Palacio so I’m not sure if all or most of her books are like this but I really did enjoy it. He’s a character which you instantly fall in love with, his whole character and the way he writes. Also you get the perspective from other people like his sister and his friends etc. I don’t know what to call it because it’s not really duo-narrative (think that’s right) because it’s more than two people narrating. But anyway, it’s like that! It really gave me an insight to what it’s like knowing that everyone’s looking at you because especially girls we always think if our hair isn’t right or our makeup doesn’t look even that everyone will stare at us, but it really made me rethink it all. 

I’m not sure if it’s based on someone because I haven’t done much research on it, but it really feels like it has and on the back cover it has the author’s picture and she doesn’t look as if she has any disfigurement so it’s probably not her own feelings and emotions. I find that quite hard to do when I’m writing, but if you act as well as write it probably helps, even though I do. I’m so confusing, sorry! 

Out of 5 I would give it a 4.5 because I just love it. I do honestly recommend it to anyone! I leave some links below and sorry if none of them help people outside the UK, but I’m a 13-year-old British girl who still doesn’t know half the countries in the world, so you know! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed it, sorry if it’s really short, but Grand National’s on and want to see if anyone’s won any money! As I said last week and earlier I will be updating Thursday onwards and probably every other day from then on until Easter Sunday with the holidays and all. And sorry if this really does not affect your life in anyway, I just couldn’t keep quiet about it! Also, the author’s American so it probably is in the USA, just saying. If you would like more of these just let me know, because I read 24/7, seriously. I have a library in my room, no jokes. Also, if there’s any books you love, recommend them to me in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading and I’ll write as soon as I can!

Rachel xx


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