What I Did For Mother’s Day 2014

Good evening Munchkins. Yes, I realise it is quite late today but it’s been a very busy but lovely day I can assure you. As your probably aware today it is in Mother’s Day where son’s and daughter’s everywhere come together to celebrate the wonder that is our Mother’s. 

My Mum has inspired me for many reasons of which I will not explain now and I just thought that this year we should get her something she won’t forget. I first got the idea through Pinterest (links are below) with a picture that was filled with loads of Mumsie things in a Champagne/Wine Cooler thing and I thought it looked really cool and easy. Well, I was being me and being me means being blonde about the whole situation.

Instead of one of the Champagne Coolers I decided it would be more appropriate to put things in a wine glass that can fit a whole bottle of wine in because she loves wine and fill it with things that way. Do you know how hard it is to find a wine glass that can fit a whole bottle of wine in these days? I thought it would be simple Tesco job, but no, no it wasn’t. My Dad only works in cash because he’s a taxi driver, so Amazon was out of the question. I ended up putting everything into a Lush bag, because the Lush bags at the moment are gorgeous. I think there still around because I only went two weeks ago, so just go to Lush for the bags. The products are also amazing though!

The first thing I bought was a bubble bar from Lush as I was down there two weeks ago as I’ve previously said. It was called ‘The Mum’ and only cost £5.25 and it’s a bubble bar so it’s reusable. It’s basically in the shape of a flower on a stick (like a wand) and it has a leaf-shaped piece of paper where there’s seeds in and my Mum LOVES gardening nearly as much as her wine. I said nearly, let’s not get too over excited! When she first saw it she was like, ‘Oh, something from Lush’, but she used it in her bath this morning and said it was amazing. Went down a treat, and hopefully the seeds will get the same response!

Then we got her some Cadbury’s Chocolate with Hazelnut Praline in which always works (note: women like chocolate) and that also was in the shape of a flower. Bit of a theme going on here! The bag also had flowers on. Oh dear, just a bit of an obsession for the both of  us I think! 

At Tesco in the Mother’s Day section they had all the bath and body stuff and we got an Otto Rose one I think it’s called. We got a set which included a shower puff, shower gel, body butter, lip butter and something else I can’t exactly remember. Probably something to do with hair. So informative, sorry!

Last thing was the wine. Enough said. 

And also last night I gave her a really nice pedicure. Beauty school have to accept me! Oh my God, I’ll be like Frenchie from Grease! Going on a tangent, sorry. 

Tell me what you got your Mum for Mother’s Day in the comments below. Sorry it’s a short one, but you know, Mother’s Day is a day for Mother’s. Don’t know what the point was of that one! If you have any requests email me at rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk and I will reply and see what I can do!

Next week I’ll only be uploading on Saturday and after that I’ll just give you an update on what’s going to happen. I have got the Easter Holidays so I might upload more, though Sunday next week through to the next Thursday I’m away at my Grandparents going up to London, so that should be fun. I could do a blog on those days if you want, just say! 

I think that’s everything, thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week,

Rachel xx


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