Big Haul: New Look, Boots, Waterstones, Boohoo, River Island

Good afternoon, Munchkins. It’s Saturday so yes, this week, I’m on time! Just so you know I hate letting you down because I know how much I can go on and you till decide to spend your time reading these which probably only keeps me from dying of boredom. And I’m also going to upload a blog tomorrow, and it’s going to be like a help and advice one which is also really close to my heart so, yeah. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out though!

Today I’m going to do a haul of the things that I bought with my birthday money and a few things I picked up whilst I was out today. There’s quite a lot to get through, so yeah, let’s go!


This is the first thing I got for the Summer and I got it just before my birthday with money I had saved up. It’s from River Island and it’s just a turquoise skater skirt with a silver belt. Sorry about the rubbish picture of the belt, but I’d taken it off and put it somewhere else in my wardrobe. Strange, I know, but it’s me and it’s how I like to do things! Yeah, so, it’s just got buttons up the middle which you can undo to get it on, but of course I don’t have to *cough cough*. It’s also got a button on the inside to help you get in as it is not very elasticated so it could be quite tight. As you can probably tell from the *cough cough* sequence, I’m bigger than most girls my age. For those that are interested I’m a size 14 in most things, but I got this in a 12 so it would be shorter as most size 14 things like skater skirts are longer than say a size 8. I’m going to do a blog post soon on how to wear certain things like this if you’re a little ‘cuddly’. This was £10 in the sale.


This is the second thing from River Island and it’s a grey crop top with rolled sleeves and it’s got WILD written on it in silver and gold beads. I tried it on the other day and it was so soft, it’s was so nice. These are the only things I own from River Island, so so far so good. This was also £10 in the sale. Sorry if these things are no longer there, but I have mentioned that they were in the sale. Don’t shoot the messenger.


If you remember rightly, for my birthday I got a £25 gift voucher for New Look and this is the first thing I bought. I got another white bandeau top with this one but I’m wearing it as we speak, so the photograph was not going to happen with both, I’m afraid! For the pack of 2 it was £4.99 which I think is quite good because you can wear them on their own with a pair of shorts if you’re slim enough or under a top as I am now. It’s stretchy, which is nice but you know it’s not just going to fall, which is also a good thing. In the middle, as you can probably tell, it’s sinched in a bit. I think that’s the word, but it’s like that! I think it’s to make your boobs look bigger or something, but I’m not sure. It’s like that anyway. Please tell me the correct spelling because there’s a red squiggly line underneath it. Thanks! New Look usually have these in stock all the time, so you should be able to get these.


The second thing I got from New Look is this maxi skirt. I’ve seen people of a range of different sizes wearing these, so I thought I’d give it a go, and oh my God, do I love it. Apart from this weekend it hasn’t been warm enough to wear it, even though I’m not wearing it now either. Got slightly strange there! I was so excited when I ordered this, and yeah, why not? It’s black but got like red and pink-ish flowers on it and a belt which is a really thick black one and reminds me of when I went to Ireland 3 years ago. I’m not sure why, but I can imagine a lovely Irish Summer’s day and just wearing it, lovely! This was from the Petite section, as I’m smaller than the average person (see why you’re my Munchkins? Could be worse, you could be my Oompa-Loompas!). I knew that if I got it from the Main Range I’d be swimming in it, and I seriously wouldn’t want it any longer! This was the last thing I got from New Look and was £19.99, or £20 for those, who like me, like to spend an extra penny!


This is a dress. But not just any dress. The most gorgeous dress you ever did see! This was from which I’ll link at the end as with everything else and was £20, but my God, was it £20 well spent! Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I told you about the bucket list for S/S that myself and Chummy C did? One of them was for me to wear clothes I wouldn’t usually go for and as I had the birthday money and I’d had my eye on it for a while, why not? There’s a theme going on here! It’s just your coral bandeau dress, but when I wear it, I feel so pretty and I just love it. I’ve got my Aunt’s and Cousin’s birthday lunches soon, so I think with a nice pair of heels, we should be fine! Also with my birthday money I bought two books from Amazon but they haven’t turned up yet. I ordered Bridget Jones Diary and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Everyone’s like, oh it’s a proper teenage book, and I’m a teenager now, so yeah. I’m gonna read them, as soon as they get here!


Onto today’s shopping. Oh dear, we did some damage! We also went to Next and Tesco and bought some olives from this really nice Italian guy, but this is the main part of me! Apart from Sports Direct, it was for my Mum and brother today, although they sell really nice clothes quite cheap. Know’s a bargain, I do!


First of all we went to Boots where the first thing we got was some deodorant for yours truly as I’m running low. I don’t know why I’m sharing this with you, but anyway! I was drawn to it by the pink and the £1 price tag it owned. The one I have now is blue but it’s Sure as well, so it’s good! Just a little story for you, I use roll-on deodorant because one time I used spray, missed my armpit completely and went straight into my eye. Lovely.


Next was Batiste Dry Shampoo. In a couple of weeks, I’m going up to my Aunt’s for the weekend, and I probably won’t have time to do my hair in the morning/evening, so I thought it would be handy. I’ve heard loads of stuff about how Batiste when it drys leaves white bits in your hair, I’ll pick them out, and as long as my hair isn’t disgusting, I’ll go for it. This was the smallest bottle they had as it’s just like a tester one, and it was £1.49. It smells amazing as well and the flavour is Coconut and Tropical, like Pina Colada. The really big ones were like £4/£5 but if it last you a long time and you use it all the time, go ahead! My Mum also got some gum and some Wrinkle Cream. If she reads this, she is going to kill me!


Books. I love reading unlike a lot of people I know, and these two books in particular have been recommended to me so much, and I’ve been wanting to read them for ages, so yeah. We went to Waterstones mainly for my brother who got a World Book Day voucher and wanted to spend it, and then I told my Mum about what my history teacher said about the World Wars, and The Boy in Striped Pyjamas etc. I initially was just going to get Anne Frank’s Diary, but the lady found it and my Mum couldn’t refuse! The World Wars has always been my favorite piece of history if that doesn’t sound weird, so I’m happy. Yes, I know there are films, but I’m going to read the book then watch the film even though I’m halfway through The Boy in Striped Pyjamas on Netflix. Both were £6.99 each.


Well, this is the last thing we bought when we were in Tesco and it’s Joey Essex Hairspray. I’ve been wanting this for ages, so I’ve been happy all day, as you can tell! This is the Extreme Hold HairSpray and it was the biggest can there for £2.24. There was a Shimmer Spray which was like 50p more but half the size, and I might look like Edward Cullen in the sun if I put too much of that on, let’s be honest! I have high hopes, for you Joey Essex Extreme Hold HairSpray. Oh yes, talking to my hairspray, weird much?

So that’s all I picked up during the last month or so. I’m not a spoiled child, I come from a Working Class family and this time last week we literally had no money, but then my Mum got her money from work in, so we’re doing OK again. I’m in no way showing off, I just thought you’d like to know what I tend to use/wear or what I will use/wear come Summer. Sorry if this blog wasn’t really for you, but I’ve got another coming up tomorrow, which if you don’t like this one you might like.

Thank you for reading, love you loads,

Rachel xx


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New Look –

River Island –

Boohoo –

Waterstones –

Boots –

Amazon –

Tesco –


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