How to Deal with School: Year 8 Options

Good Afternoon, Munchkins. Yes I realise it’s Sunday, not Saturday, and I’m sorry but it’s just been a very stressful first week back to school. Yes, stress levels are high and with a mix of hormones I’m just a delightful person to be around (oh, my joy of sarcasm).

As you can tell by the title I’m starting to choose my options. For those not from the UK, options are something that are chosen in Years 8/9 (in my school, 8) and it’s then the GCSE’s you study and should carry you through life. First of all, I’m 13 and am the most indecisive person ever, so this is going to be fun. I thought before I got the pack I had my whole life planned out with my 4 options and 1 reserve, but since reading the courses I’ve realised that effort needs to be put in. Lovely. Because this is going to be an ongoing thing, this is just what’s happened so far and how I’ve coped. 

When I first went back I heard we were soon going to be getting blazers for our school uniform, and you know me, hates blazers unless waterfall and don’t have a piece of cardboard down the back which I’m pretty sure most do. For me particularly I hate them because I have a broad back as it is and it’s only going to make me look bigger and our jumpers cover up my size 14 body but blazers aren’t, are they? Literally, I got home Monday, and refused to go back. I’ve decided to go on strike, and I’m hoping to get people to join otherwise I’ll look stupid and probably get excluded. At least I won’t have to wear them.

We have parents evening and our reports coming out this week, so that’s supposed to help us decide. I think it’s just going to give me false hope or tell me I’m useless at what I want to do. Before the booklets came out I thought I wanted to do Drama, History, Media, Catering and IT. Oh, but it doesn’t work that way, does it?

For Drama which is something I need to do to become an actress looks so complicated. You have to choose either BTECH or GCSE. Ok, how about I just do a Drama/Performing Arts course? I can’t decide which one will be better for me, but it looks like BTECH is more coursework based. Another thing which annoys me is the fact that you can’t choose both Dance and Drama, so me and Chummy C are going to be split up as she would like to do both but she’s more into Dance. I spoke to my Nan about my options yesterday and she was like, ‘I’m so happy you haven’t given up acting as people used to ask you what you’re real life job was going to be’. That only made me think I had no backup plan, but Tesco always have some spare jobs. It’s true though, for the past 4 years this is what I’ve wanted to do and people always used to ask me that and I never knew what to say, but I think when I take it and if I get on the course they’ll think ‘Oh, she is actually doing this’. If I got onto the course alone I would be so chuffed as there’s so many people wanting to take Drama and loads of them are better than me, but yeah. Happy days. 

History I’m now going to take as my reserve and it’s an EBACC which basically means the Government want’s us to take either a humanities (Computing Science, History or Geography) or language (French, German, Spanish) to get us all where we should be. Don’t really understand it, don’t really want to, but hey ho. I’ve always like History and found it so interesting, so I just thought it would be a good thing to do. Not too keen on the million page essays, but power through, Rach, power through!!

Media. I haven’t done this topic during Year 7 and 8 but my understanding is that you learn about how the Media effects people and how it works, but I think it could in some way help with the acting dream. Not sure how, but that’s what everyone else says! It looks fun, so I thought, why not? What’s life if you don’t take chances and learn new things. My only worry is we use Mac Computers, and putting me in front of a Mac computer is like putting a fish on a bike. Hopefully I’ll get used to it, though!!

Catering, or Food Tech as it was when I first joined I just thought would be a life long skill and nobody want’s burnt beans on toast every night. Oh yes, I’m capable of that. I’ve always enjoyed cooking with my Granny since I was young. I’m just glad I’ve got her genes and not my Nans (she’s known to burn water). 

IT is basically computers and I’m good at it and I find it interesting and in this day and age you need to know how to deal with computers, let’s be honest. When I got the information pack I saw it was now called Computing Science which REALLY put me off. Science, nah mate, see ya later! But then I found out you get to design apps, and I was like, oh yeah! I think it would be really good to know, but then again, by the time I leave school, they’ll probably be sending kids to school on Platform 9 and 3/4’s, where they’ll learn about hover boards and the history of phones (AKA how rubbish the iPhones are, even though they seem amazing to us now). I’ll have a go!!

Those were my first few options. At one point I was wondering whether to take French, but when will I ever use it? I’m only really choosing things that I know will help with everyday life or my job in the future or whatever. I’m also wondering about Health and Social because it would be good as you go and help old people and take home plastic babies etc. I’m just not sure what I could take away for it. 

That’s the end of my rambling. Sorry it this isn’t helpful for you or anything, but I just thought it is a stressful and difficult time for people, so why not talk about it as I haven’t seen any like this. I might just not be looking hard enough, though! If you have any experience of any of the courses I’m probably going to take or need some advice, write it in the comments below and I will acknowledge them in some way. Oooh, posh word!

Thank you for reading!

Rachel xx



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