Cheap and Fun things to do during Half-Term

Good afternoon, Munchkins. If you’d read my last blog you’ll see that I said I was going to do a haul. Unfortunately, not everything has arrived yet, but as soon as it had I’ll be sure to let you know and share it with you. I’m super excited for it though!!

Today, however, I’m doing a blog on Cheap and Fun things to do during Half-Term. If you’re not from the UK this is basically a week off from school after 6 of going back from the last holiday. This is usually when my Mum can only get one day off of work so we’ll spend time with our Dad as he works nights and my Nan as she’s now retired. We’re a working class family and really don’t have money to spare so these are just a few things that could be good for next half-term as, unfortunately, this one is finished. 

1. Arcades/Slot Machines

This is something our Dad takes us to quite a bit as the most expensive thing is probably petrol, but as a taxi driver it won’t mean much. We tend to go on the 2p slot machines and if you are again not from the UK, it’s basically you put a 2p into this machine and it slides it so you can get prizes or more 2p’s to use. It sounds rubbish, but it keep me and brother entertained for hours, literally. I won a hair toggle for younger kids which I gave to my Mum for her work and some little statue things that are like that orange thing from the E-ON adverts. I love that thing, :). If you want to play the games then obviously it’s going to cost more, but if you just collect 2p’s over time it does count up so you get quite a lot. 

2. Play Parks

I know some people don’t like these, but I do not know a child that doesn’t like play parks. If it’s sunny and you’re slightly older like I am go there to get a tan. Best part – it’s free!!

3. Re-do you’re room

Obviously get your parents permission before you do this one, but it’s really fun and only do it if you want to. I’ve been wanting to re-do my room for ages and I’ve started a bit but I want to buy some poster’s off Amazon to completely change it and some storage boxes to put some stuff away. A really good idea I’ve found is if you get some small jam jars (courtesy of the hotel I stayed at earlier this week) you could put earrings in there, anything. I’ve got 6 and filled up 3. One with stud earrings, the second with spare earring backs and the other with spare buttons. They look cute as well! If you get a big jam jar from Tesco and finish it, you could take off the label and re-decorate that to make a cute candle holder thing. Look how technical I sound! Just some ideas I’ve used. Hopefully once it’s finished I’ll do a room tour. 

4. Join Pinterest

One of the best things I’ve done this half-term. For those that don’t know, Pinterest is a website where you can collect pictures of things you would like to try like outfits, beauty, hair whatever you’re interested in. Through Pinterest I’ve decided how I’m going to decorate my Nan’s house for Easter (sorry Nan!) and my Mum’s Mother’s Day present. It’s so fun if you like that sort of stuff, but if not you might not entirely like it. Pinterest is free to join, they haven’t asked me to say this and I’ll put a link at the end. 

5. Window Shopping

I do this way too much. What I do is go onto or something and look at the ‘What’s New’ and see if there’s anything I really like and can create from something that I might already have and not like/not wear as much anymore. It’s so fun it could keep you going for ages. This is something you could also do on websites such as Pinterest. 

Those are my Top 5 things to do during half-term. I hope they’ve given you some ideas and will help you next half-term. I’ve also joined WattPad, but I haven’t written for a few days. I’ll leave a link at the end and if you like it just let me know and I’ll write another chapter to keep you all entertained!

See you next week,

Rachel xx



Pinterest Link:

My Wattpad: 

If the Wattpad link won’t take you to my profile, my name on there is Chummy R. 


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