Becoming a Teenager: My Birthday Weekend

Morning my Munchkins. It’s not morning. It’s afternoon. Oh dear. Must come with old age! Today I’m just going to explain my weekend, a vlog in a blog if you will. 

Yesterday I got back from my long weekend away to a hotel near where all my family lives (my parents escaped, much to my disappointment). I thought about uploading yesterday but my Dad had thought to skip all the traffic he’d go an even longer way which resulted in me feeling incredibly ill. I wasn’t physically sick, but it’s just that feeling. Oh the joys of having a taxi driver Father. Does that make sense? I don’t know.

But from Sunday to Tuesday I was a few hours from home visiting family. For some of you it might be a drag but when you live 2-3 hours away from people you hardly ever see it is a massive deal and I wanted that for my birthday. Please don’t pity me, it only annoys me. I’m in such a good mood today! Sorry. So on Sunday we went straight to my Mum’s Cousin’s pub and I had around 20 family member’s there. It was amazing. I saw some people I last saw at PJ’s Christening like 2 years ago. Oh my God, had they changed!

I had one of my Dad’s Cousin’s Son’s there (I’m just going to call them my Cousin for now) and the other was on a skiing trip with his school, which I was fine with, but it would’ve been nice if her were there. Tyler (the Cousin) is 10 days older than me and we were so looking forward to seeing each other as it had been 2 years and people change a lot in that space of time. I really wasn’t expecting what he was like though. I knew he was chatty, but we literally never stopped talking which was brilliant. I’d never met someone that could keep up with me! And his voice has broken, but he’s still really short. How mean do I sound!? I needed to get to the point, and me being me, even though taller than him in my heels, I do swoon a bit when I hear a broken voice talking to me. Not going to lie. I’m kind of glad the other Cousin (the one on the skiing trip, Ethan) wasn’t there, because, well, I’ll get onto that in a second. Ooh, the anticipation. 

I also had my Mum’s parents and her Aunt and Uncle but the majority was my Dad’s family. I had my Nan there, her brother and sisters, their kids and Grandkids and, yeah, everyone, it was amazing. I got so many cards and things from everyone, which really was unexpected as they usually give a £5 note at this age, so I’m so grateful and I hope they realize how much I love them. My Nan’s sister, Lesley, gave me a necklace and a pair of earrings from my Great Nan (her Mum) who died last year and it was so nice. They came in a little box and it has her birthstone in, so it’s really sweet. 

Then Monday. We didn’t have the best night’s sleep because it was a one room hotel room thing and my Dad snores so loudly people next door should’ve complained. During the day we went shopping at the local shopping center which I might do a bit of a haul on with other things? Maybe. Probably. As soon as I got back yesterday though I put it all away and realized all I’d bought was stuff for Summer, so I’ve got to wait. I do have some funny stories to tell so I’ll tell you then. 

In the evening we went to my Nan’s sister’s (Lesley) to see her husband Brian who couldn’t come Sunday because he was ill. He’d been ill all week so we were like, ‘Bri, don’t do it if you can’t,’ and he couldn’t so yeah. But he seemed his normal self when we went which was really good to see. He’s nearly 70, so he’s not going to be skipping down the street . . . without his walking stick anyway. He’s mad, my Uncle Brian, but you’ve got to love him. 

Then we went for dinner at a local pub which was really nice and Lesley popped in with her daughter Lucy (Tyler’s Mum) to say hello. Lucy did come Sunday, but it was nice to see them even so. They kind of scared my Nan half to death though, and the waitress got really confused when the food came!

Once we’d finished we made our way to Erika’s (Lesley’s other daughter, confused yet?) and spent ages there. This is the part about Ethan. Their youngest, Mia, was there and she looks so like me it’s unbelievable, she’s so cute and last time I saw her was PJ’s Christening as well, when she was 2 so she had changed so much. We spoke about really random things but it was mainly based around when I should have children (awkward, much?) and travelling. My Mum took 2 bottles of wine for her and Erika so they were out. It was mainly her husband Rob trying to get me to calm down a bit and realize what I really want. Got deep, I’ve got to admit! Apparently Ethan has grown so much since I last saw him (my Great Nan’s funeral, March last year). He’s now 5 foot 9 inches (he’s still only 12) and Erika and Rob are documenting every little spot he gets. I’m not sure if his voice is broke yet, but there are some weddings coming up and they might go visit my Nan in her new place so might see them soon. 

I think that’s the problem in life, everyone grows up in the space of like 4 months so even if you don’t see them for like half a year they’ve changed, but it doesn’t matter, they’re my family and I love them. I love my cousins, no matter how old they are and what they’re interested in. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Vlog in a Blog, and let me know if you want to see more. I probably will with important stuff, or if you just want a ‘Day in the Life’ sort of thing I’ll have a go! 

Thank you for reading and being here through the complete change in my life,

Rachel xx


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