Becoming a Teenager: My Birthday


Good Afternoon, Munchkins. I have a lot to say so I’m going to get straight to the point.

On Thursday it was my birthday. I am now officially a teenager. Oh yes, I am there. Let me just set the scene.

It’s a Thursday, but it feels like a Wednesday after being ill on Monday. You have some lessons which are amazing some which are rubbish. One of the worst teachers is off, so you have a supply which has only just come out of college. It doesn’t feel like your birthday yet.

Can I just say now that I didn’t open any cards before my birthday as I knew I’d get carried away and go on this massive rampage. So now it’s after school.

Chummy C is round and your Mum’s just got home early from work and your downstairs about to open your presents. Another thing, I’m in no way showing off, I’m literally so excited and it was the best day ever Thursday, so yeah. First of all I opened the cards to work my way in.

I only got a few because I’m seeing most people tomorrow, but I got one from my Mum and Dad and brother and my Granny and Pop-Pops and my Mum’s friend Trevor (Uncle TJ), Chummy C and her grandparents. In the cards I got a £25 gift voucher to New Look (yay) £20 from Uncle TJ and £5 from Chummy’s Nan and Granddad. Chummy does have a name (Courtney) but she’s my Chummy. Enough said.

Then I opened stuff from River Island which I ordered the weekend before and just happened to arrive then. I ordered a turquoise button up skirt and a grey crop top with ‘Wild’ written on it in gold studs. Maybe I’ll show them in an OOTD (Outfit of the Day, took me a while to work it out as well!). Oh yes, you’ll see me! I’m still a bit worried about showing my face mainly through confidence issues, but I’ll happily just show the clothes on my body (where else would they be?!). 

Next it was Lush. I’ve never had anything from Lush before and I was so excited. I know for some people I might seem crazy, but this is me!!!! I’ve had mixed reviews but most were positive, so yeah. 



The first thing I saw was the Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly. I’ve never used a Shower Jelly so I was intrigued. It smells like really sweet jam and to me blackcurrants but on the lid it says coconut and cherry. It smells amazing. As you can tell, it’s dark purple and I’ve used some already. I don’t know how to use it to be honest but what I do is just take a bit out of the pot and use it like that. Another thing I really like about lush is on the pot it had who it’s made by. Even if it’s not true it’s still kinda cute!




Then it was the Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo. I used this last night and once I’d dried my hair it was so soft and so shiny it was unbelievable. It’s made to make curls bounce which is probably why my Mum got it because my hair is naturally curly. It does smell like coconut with maybe a hint of ginger or cinnamon, one of the two. It’s a smell you definatley have to get used to but once you do it’s quiet nice. I do prefer like Sweetie Pie for the scent but what it did to my hair was amazing. Also, it does have really coconut bits in as I could feel bits of it in my hair after we washed it out and just before the conditioner. I did have to sit there for a bit and pick them out a bit but it’s still really nice. 



I haven’t used this yet but it’s the Twilight Bath Bomb. I have high hopes for Lush Bath Bombs, so please be good! It does smell nice and it’s a nice colour but I will update you if it’s any good.




Once again something unused yet, the Tropical Jungle Solid Conditioner. It looks so cool, I can’t smell it much through the plastic, but I’m sure it will work well! I’ve taken two pictures so that your can see what it looks like and what it’s called. 



The last thing from Lush is this Luxury Bath Melt called DreamTime. Again, high hopes as always with Lush products. I’m not sure the difference between a Bath Bomb and Bath Melt, so if you know just tell me. 

Chummy C knows me so well and this present just shows it. She knows how I like my bags (big but beautiful, like myself she says 🙂 ) and a rucksack from New Look as I haven’t got one of those and have been wanting one for ages it’s not even funny. 



It’s mainly leather but I’m not sure if it’s real for the price and it has tassles on the front which do it up and yeah, I love it. The only thing I’m not so keen on is that there is no flap (cheeky) so somebody could just come up behind you and take something if it’s not one up tight enough. But it’s nice and big and has pockets on the inside so it’s perfect for overnight or going out to festivals etc. 


Then it was the massive surprise that my Mum had booked since October. Her friend’s daughter had spare tickets, so yeah. Before I show you the picture, can I just repeat that I’m not showing off, I’m actually buzzing. OK, here it goes . . . .



Please don’t hate me for sharing it, I will take you every step of the way with me and I’m so grateful. Things like this don’t happen to people like me. If you’d told me this time last year that this would be happening I’d threaten to kill you for getting my hopes up. But it’s real and I’m so excited! 

That’s everything! I thought it was going to be a lot longer than that actually. Tomorrow I’m going to my Mum’s Cousin’s pub to see most of my family and have a meal to celebrate my birthday which I’m really looking forward to, so I’ll let you know during the week how that goes because it’s also half-term!!! Yay!! Also, me and Chummy C recorded some videos on Thursday mainly the ‘What is it?’ game but some of them are really funny so if you would like me to put them up I will!! Again with the OOTD’s, but it would be nice for you to get a bit of a glimpse of my life.

So yeah, no hate, I have explained myself a number of times and thank you for reading,

Rachel xx


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