Bucket List for S/S with ChummyC

Good morning, Munchkins. Yes, it’s Monday, I’m aware of that factor but I’m ill, extremely ill. Like, I’ve got the worst cold ever, and I am always, every single year the last person to get them. So I’m at home and letting the medicine kick in. Last night however me and my Chummy C (C standing for Courtney) were texting and she was saying how we need to come up with a bucket list for S/S. I know a bucket list is like a list full of things you want to do before you die, but I might die in September, hopefully I won’t, but there’s always the possibility. How depressing do I sound this morning?! So yeah. Then I thought of the idea of me coming up with 10 for her and she comes up with 10 for me and we’d share them. I’ll tell you her’s now and then mine and just explain them a bit as we go along. 

My Bucket List for Courtney for S/S

1. Wear more everyday dresses but not so short you get kicked out of places. I came up with this one because she only ever wears dresses when she’s going out at night and they’re really short but I’ve seen loads of day dresses that would suit her and she should just take the plunge. Ooh, plunge. Sound a little bit creepy now. 

2. Wear more outgoing colours in makeup but not so overloaded unless your going out. Whenever I see her she’s always wearing the same sorts of colours and it actually annoys me. For my birthday my Granny is arranging for me to meet up with this lady that lives near me who will tell me what colours I suit etc and I’m hoping Courtney will be able to come as well so she can also be told and then wear those colours. 

3. Try and wear more flat shoes in the day. Apart from school she never wears flat shoes, and she went to this like foot therapist the other day where they’re deforming her feet. She’s 4 months older than me and she’s going to be 14 later this year, but still. One day, I’ll get her a whole range of converses or vans, just so she doesn’t have to say she hasn’t got any. Always thinking!

4. Put hair up in more unique and different ways. Her hair is so long and so straight and so knot-free it’s amazing, but she only ever does like messy bun, ponytail or down and a few bits gripped back. I would like to see her hair in different ways because it is really easy to work with so yeah. Something different would be nice. 

5. Try to stop playing on iPod after 11 o clock. She’s just told me that she stops playing after 10, but she doesn’t get to sleep until like 2 in the morning most nights and then wakes up at like 7 for school and it really isn’t enough. She just needs more sleep to be honest. 

6. Spend money on things you really want and don’t hesitate! Over the past few years she has saved up around £200 and says its for her future and fair enough her family aren’t bursting with money but neither’s mine and we just about get by. She was in Primark the other day and liked a lot of things and if it were me I would spend it, but she was like, ‘Oh, it’s for my car and my prom dress’ etc. It’s really hard buying like 5 things and she’s only got a pair of shoes. 

7. Have fat days if you want fat days. She is extremely worried about her weight even though she’s dead skinny and we share lunch at school so she eats less calories, but she needs to learn that eating a bit of cake won’t harm you if you’re only eating a little bit. 

8. Don’t spend a lot of money you could buy for less. I know I’ve just said don’t hesitate, but for her 12th birthday she got a Kardashian leopard print purse for £50 from New York when I’m sure there’s a cheaper version out there. OK, so it won’t be Kardashian, so what? It’s just a brand and you could get away with another leopard print purse for less than £20 anywhere else in your own country. She now has no money to put in it because she’s spent it all. 

9. Experiment with new things (clothes and makeup)This is sort of to do with the other makeup and everyday dress ones. 

10. Find the colour that suits your skin tone. This is again to do with the makeup thing. 

Now onto my Bucket list. Obviously I can’t really explain these so I’ll just list them. 

1. To talk to a boy I think is fit and do a bit of flirting. 

2. Go out again in the Summer.

3. To try and speak to more boys.

4. Don’t worry too much about your weight.

5. Wear at least one sexy outfit (by sexy I mean a little more revealing but not horrible Miley Cyrus look)

6. Try to be more confident with people.

7. Find a colour that suits you and get a new outfit that really suits you to wear out.

8. Try new things/say yes to things you might not usually say yes to.

9. Try new makeup ideas.

10. Talk to more boys you would usually shy away from. 

OK, so that’s all of them. We thought this was a really fun way to boost our confidence and make us a bit better at doing certain things. As you can tell I’m usually shy around boys, but we’re going to try our hardest to complete these things. If you want to do this go ahead there’s no body stopping you from being young and free and be able to boost your confidence. I’ll update you and we’ll probably stop doing it when we go back to school after the summer holidays in September. 

Thank you for reading and talk to you later,

Rachel xx


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