Becoming a Teenager: What I thought (that was wrong) when I was younger

Good afternoon, my Munchkins! Yes, I’m happy today, it’s the 8th of Feb, so only 5 days until my birthday! For those that don’t know, I’m turning 13 so for the next few weeks my blogs are going to revolve around that with the title as Becoming a Teenager as it is a very important time for everyone, like I’m my parents eldest, so it’s going to be a wake up call for them a bit! Today it’s going to be a What I Thought when I was Younger blog, which if you’re unsure is just looking back at my younger self and having a look at what I thought. I was going to do a what I thought about teenagers, but I realized I only really thought about 2 things like that, so I’ll do everything I thought when I was younger, which should be funny and things that I would just randomly come out with. If you watched the first few series of Outnumbered on BBC1, then I was a bit like Karen in that as we’re kind of the same age so we went through things at the same time. OK, so here we go. Can I just say, I am naturally blonde, I’m not dangerously numb!

1. When I was younger, I thought teenager’s never got ill. Strange, I know, but I remember saying to my Mum one day ‘I can’t wait to be 13, then I’ll never have a cold again’. Let me just explain where I’m coming from. I never saw a teenager ill or slightly sneezy, so that’s why I thought it. She just looked at me as if I was crazy, went ‘Oh dear’ and turned back to the washing. Nowadays, any child would be taken to a mental health center, but when I was 5 it was ‘If she’s not crying she’s not hurt’. 

2. I thought most 17/18 year olds went a bit Gothic. When I was 8 I looked in my full length mirror and said to myself ‘In 10 years times I will have black hair, pale skin, dark purple lipstick on, dark eye makeup and wearing full black’. The only other teens I knew back then were my cousins, and to be honest, their not the best role models. I did not mean for that to sound offensive in any way, it’s my younger-self’s mind. 

This is just random things I thought when I was younger.

3. This one has a sort of story to it. So, it’s a nice summer day in 2007 (bet you feel old now!!) and I was 6 and my mum, my brother and I were walking to the park. I was looking down at my mum’s feet and she was walking really weirdly so I just go ‘mum, what’s wrong with your feet?’ and my mother being my mother just goes ‘I’m half penguin, ask Granny’. Granny’s her mum can I just add, not some random old lady. We’re not that strange!!! I believed it for years and only like last year or the year before did I ask my Granny. Now their all really worried. 

4. I used to think the phrase ‘Losing your virginity’ meant getting married. Not going to explain how I found out the real meaning.

5. When I was younger I used to watch Disney Channel all the time and as it’s all American kind of got an American accent, so now I can’t say some words as British people do. Last year I was like ‘I’m going to be 13 next year, I need to stop watching kid’s TV’ so I weened myself off it. Don’t know why I wrote that to be honest. 

6. I used to use the phrase ‘I can’t be arsed’ thinking it meant ‘I can’t be asked’. I was about 9/10.

7. This isn’t really a ‘When I was Younger’ one, well it kind of is, but well yeah. Last year I was in French and I was like really tired and the teacher told us to write 1 – 10 in our books, but where I was so tired I just went ‘1, 2 and 10’. It was such a blonde moment, it was something to laugh over during the rest of the lesson. 

8. When I was younger I thought the word ‘Bladder’ was a rude word because it was to do with the downstairs region, if you get my drift. 

9. When I was about 5 I thought it was ‘sexy’ to walk with my bum at an awkward angle. If you find that sexy, I’m sorry to say I now move my bum a normal amount. 

10. I thought it was cool to act all Lauren Cooper to people I didn’t like. For those that don’t know, she’s a character in a sketch comedy show from a few years ago, but look it up on YouTube, it’s really funny. Unfortunately, it rubbed off on my friend and she nearly got done for racism against our French teacher. Oops. Ooh, funny story. When my Dad was at school he got in trouble for moving a Chinese girl out the way and saying ‘I’ve never done a Chinese takeaway before’. When he told me I was wetting myself. As I said earlier, I mean in no way to offend people, it just popped in my head!

At the end I struggled to think of some, but I got there! This isn’t really a tag, but I think for people it could be funny, so I suggest you do it and I made this up myself so yeah, no copyright of nothing. Another thing to mention, I have changed my User Name to Chummy R as it’s easier to say and it’s what my best friend calls me and I call her Chummy C as she’s called Courtney. Sorry for any confusion, especially with the logo change as well. I just wanted something a bit more personal and something I won’t get done for copyright for. Can you tell I’ve been learning about copyright recently? So yeah, I’m not too sure about what to do for next week, but I might tell you a bit about my birthday day and then what’s going to happen for like my ‘party’ sort of thing. I’m not having a party, I’m having a meal, I’m civilized with my Penguin Mother and Racist Father. So as I say, normal!!! I’ve got in so much trouble over the years looking back, actually, because my parents would say things which would be offensive to some people and I’d accidentally say them. I say accidentally. Hopefully in my teens I’ll actually knuckle down and be a good girl! Yeah, like that’s going to happen, but I’ll see you next week, when I’m 13!!!!! Control yourself!!

Love Rachel xx


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