PJ Pack Reaction

Good Afternoon, Munchkins, this is just a quick look at how the PJ Pack worked on PJ. When we got there on Saturday he was asleep with my Nan on the sofa, the box open and the building blocks everywhere. As far as I’m aware he didn’t use the paper or the stickers or anything, but that’s OK, as he’s still quite young and hasn’t started nursery yet. The thing I found out is he is quite possessive and likes his own things as his own things, so he would muck about and make my Nan angry, but I’m sure he had a fun weekend. Not to sound sexist or anything, but my Mum did say that girls are more likely to sit down and draw pictures and stuff, so it probably wasn’t right for him, but it depends on the personality, and with 3 older brothers, he’s definitely boisterous. We did take him down to the park, but with the rubbish weather it wasn’t amazing, but it should be better for him in the Summer.

I will upload a proper longer blog later today, this was just a bit of an update. So, I hope this and the PJ Pack blog was helpful in some way and yeah, good doing business with you in the small child department!!

Talk to you soon,

Rachel xxx 


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