The PJ Pack / The Range Haul

Good afternoon my Munchkins, and as you can tell, today I’m on time! Yay! As I say I’m so sorry about last week as my laptop was running out of charge really quickly and if you want a better version I’m willing to do it so just tell me, but today I’ve done another collaboration. 

Let me just explain it. PJ is my 3 year old cousin and he’s come down to stay at my Nan’s for the weekend and my brother will go and join later. He lives with his 3 older brothers and Mum like 3 hours away, whereas me and my brother live like 10 mins away from my Nan, so it’s a big change for him. I had the day off school yesterday so I went up to collect him with my Nan and we got back pretty late, so he couldn’t play with the ‘PJ Pack’ I’d made him. I’ve mixed it with a haul as we did go out and by some stuff which we got from The Range, which sells anything and everything, it’s amazing!! Also, I think the quality’s quite good, so you won’t have to save up for ages or if you live with your parents as I do they’ll be fine to go and get some stuff. 

The reason we got all of this is because at my Nan’s all she’s got for him is books, DVD’s and some toy cars, which won’t keep him happy all weekend. Also, she has a park at the end of her road, but if it’s bad weather he’s going to need something to do and he’s very bright so we can’t really keep him doing the same things every day. So yeah, here we go, into the world of toddlers!!

ImageFirst of all I packed it up in an Amazon box that I got a Christmas present in then put some brown paper on top so it’s like Christmas in a way and he could just go ‘Oh My God!!!!’ Maybe not as excited as I get, but you get the drift. Seriously, I didn’t think I would fill it up, but the lid didn’t go down properly, it was practically overflowing. Also, before I dropped it round yesterday, I tied a red ribbon round it to fasten it a little. 


This is just the inside. The other day I ended up fiddling around with it a bit and it didn’t look like that when I dropped it round, though maybe the paper didn’t help, but it is a good design feature (oh my God, sound so posh there).



The first thing which you can probably already see is a few sheets of paper in a Poly Pocket. I don’t know how much he’ll use over this weekend and I can’t remember how much I put in, but hopefully it’ll be enough. Also, he starts nursery next month, so I think he could maybe have a go at writing numbers/letters or just draw random pictures. My Mum works in a nursery, so I was asking her and she said he’s quite clever already, so we’re clueless!!



Underneath the paper I put in this Toy Story 2 puzzle because last time I saw him in August he was Toy Story mad. This is 100 pieces so he’ll need some help, and we already had this so I’m not sure if all the pieces are still there or eating by various cats we’ve had over the years. He’s quite oblivious though, so it should be OK. 



Some glittery animal stickers, because who doesn’t need them? My Mum got them in HobbyCraft the other day for work but she ended up not using them, so I thought he could make pictures with them and say what animals they were etc.. 



Pirate Snap. I remember getting these when I was about 6 and my brother was about 3 ish so we have out grown them a little. I just thought as he likes Pirates (he calls my Dad Uncle Pirate) and the pictures are quite cool he’ll have fun with it. Also, earliest memories are of playing Christmas Snap with my Granny in the middle of July when I was about 3, so I had a lot of fun with this when I was a little person.



These were one of the first things we bought. They were only £1 and we thought we could teach him the letters and get him to say the colors and then make pictures with them. They’re foam, which is something I definitely liked as a child and they’re better than normal stickers. Also, he knows his numbers and we thought this could be his time to learn his letters. Along with that, he could use them to decorate the box to make it his own so he recognizes it straight away. 



This Sonic Pencil Case used to be my brother’s and I thought that it’s in good condition, it’s quite big and I think he’d recognize the character on it. 



We bought some crayons as well for only £1 for a pack of 24, which even for the range is a bargain. I also put a glue stick in there, I’m pretty sure it’s anti-toxic as my Mum took some into work and I’m sure they wouldn’t allow it in an up and running nursery. After I took the picture I also put the matching ruler and pencil sharpener of the Sonic Pencil Case and another pencil which I can’t remember what it looks like, so I’ll have to get back to you on that one. (Please ignore my horrible white hands!!!)



Mr Men books, because I love them, I think he has some and it’s every child’s favorite book ever, I’m sure of it. Also, it’ll be some new books because I think my Nan said he’s read all the others that she’s got, so it’ll be a nice change for the little chap. As you can tell I’m feeling very British today. 





Building Blocks of all different shapes and colors. They did come in a big cylinder box thing but it wouldn’t fit so I crammed it all in to a shoe box. We thought he could count them and say the colors and shapes as he stacks them, because we’re all about education here *rolls eyes*. Mother’s idea, to be honest, but as long he’s OK, I’m OK. 



A little soft play sword as I said before he likes pirates. It was my brothers idea and I was kind of against it because it’s provoking violence, but it is soft and he likes pirates, I just hope he doesn’t go stabbing people because of it. Also, he could do role-play with it, which is always fun. I think it’s games like Mummy’s and Daddy’s which I always enjoyed at school. Image

We picked this up at a restaurant we went to as my brother go it with his kid’s meal. It’s in two parts one part for older children, the other for younger and my brother done the older part and the younger part is obviously for PJ. It may be too tricky for him, but I had a look before I packed it and it had like ‘How to Write Letters’ and stuff, so it might be too older for him, we’ll see. 



These were both £1 at The Range each and one of them has pirates and the other numbers as he can count quite far and he recognizes them as well, which for his age is really good. This could be used for a picture or on the box, but hopefully not my Nan’s walls (she only moved in last month).



Last thing was this sticker book for £1.49. There was one with spiders and things, but I prefered the farm animals as I didn’t want him creeping me out. So yeah, he can say the animals etc. and it should keep him entertained for a while. 


That’s everything and I’m sorry about poor quality of photos and things, but I hope this has helped if you’re somehow in the same situation or if you’re just a worried mother about what to get your child for Christmas / birthday. I’m going to go round later to see how he’s liked it or see him open it, I don’t know what’s happened, but yeah. When I get back tomorrow I’m going to do another blog, definately a review and maybe just a small one of how he got on with it. 

So, happy Saturday and talk soon,

Rachel xx




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