What I Wore When I Went Out / What’s in my Bag?

Good afternoon my little muchkins (ooh, I feel a nickname coming on). I’m really sorry that A. this is a day late and B. it’s late as it is. I know I’m really sorry, but I’ve done a collaboration, a bit like Rihanna and Drake, so I hope that makes up for it. 

First of all, where I went. They had an under 18’s Joey Essex Meet and Greet at a club near where I live (I’m not telling, you cheeky stalkers) and if you don’t know who Joey Essex is he is probably one of the stupidest people ever, but he is so fit and he’s famous and it was only £10 to get in, and I needed a night out. So, as you can tell, celebrities, girls who are a few years older than you, you need to look good. What I wore. I have put a picture up but the lighting isn’t amazing but I wore a ‘Bustier Aztec Print Dress’ from New Look for around £20-£25. I got it for Christmas, but I chose it and it was it’s first outing. I love this dress, it’s very tight at the top, like corset tight, so if you’re a little bigger like I am it’s fine if you’re standing up, sitting down is another question all together. Just above the hip it flares out a bit (excuse the spelling mistake, I think flares is wrong) into a skater dress. I got it in a size 12, when I’m a 14, so it’s shorter and I can just about breath *starts going blue*. So yeah, don’t do what I did and get the right size. I also wore a black shrug from Next. I’m not sure how much this was as my Granny got it for me just before Christmas, but it goes with everything, and as it’s January, it’s needed! I also wore skin-coloured  tights from Tesco, as once again, it’s January, and I don’t like the idea of getting pneumonia. On top of my tights I wore some black ankle socks also from Tesco as I find that just in tights my feet tend to slip around in the high heels, so they were to get me walking properly and to keep my feet nice and warm. The last thing I wore was my favorite pair of high heels ever. They are black and have a zip on the inside of the ankle bit and are a bit like an ankle boot, but I love them! I got them for Christmas 2012, and I really haven’t wasted them! The only thing is, the day after (yesterday) I went walking round town with my Nan and brother in my Ugg boots (I love them as well!) and when I took them off before I went to bed along with my socks, I had like these ‘Blister Pillows’, like one long blister on the ball of my feet, it was horrible. Sorry for putting that image in your head, but I was wearing them from like 6-10 at night, so I lasted longer than I thought.

For hair and makeup I let my friend do it as I can only really do a few bits gripped back, a basic ponytail and concealer and mascara. So she did it all for me. For my hair she twisted a front bit quite nicely and gripped it back and straightened the rest, which is good as I have really thick hair. For makeup she used my Eyebrow Kit which I think is Technic, but I got it in a magazine as with most things, and I will try to put a picture of that up. She also used a Makeup Book she got for her birthday, and oh my God, it’s like heaven in a box, it really is. She used a champagne shimmer colour for my eyes and a red for my lips. As always, concealer and mascara were used. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of her makeup, so I can’t amaze you with the wonders that is the Makeup Book.

Now for what’s in my bag. This is basically what to put in your bag for a night out. I took, 2 packets of tic tacs (just in case I ran out), my phone, some hair bands, some hair grips/kirby grips/bobby pins (whatever makeup/beauty language you speak), my phone, my purse (with money in), some stud earrings, some autograph books (they didn’t get signed) and a pen just in case they would. That’s all I remember. I did also take a Beyonce Heat perfume but that got confiscated, though I did get it back. I would also take a camera if I had one and a small amount of perfume hidden in my bra or something (as you do). If your on ‘Your Time of the Month’ as girls do, I’d take your ‘Girlie Things’ and hide some painkillers in your pocket/bra or something. 

OK, so a beauty one just to be different. Sorry it’s had to stop so suddenly but my netbooks running out of charge, so kind of got to go, but yeah, next week I’ll be doing a kind of haul sort of thing and it will come up early Saturday, I can promise you this time. Thank you for reading and see you next week.

Rachel xx

(I do not encourage smuggling anything illegal for the matter)

Image What I wore 


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