How To Deal With School – Teachers

I decided to split the school section into parts as I realize I can go on and it may be boring for you. Anyway, I went back to school this week, wasn’t really looking forward to it I must admit, but who loves having to be out of the house by 10 past 8? I knew things would change as my headteacher retired and this term we were going to have a new headmaster. Now, I’m not going to mention my school name, but we had a rubbish Ofsted and GCSE results and we thought this new headmaster would change things up a bit. Turns out my old headteacher was the best thing that happened to my school, and I now see why.

If you see this as a bit of a rant, don’t worry I will get to dealing with it in a second. What he’s pretty much done has put in all these new stricter rules and everyone’s against him. I went on FaceBook on Tuesday (so the his second day) and I saw a couple of statuses that already said ‘I want him out’, ‘I’m going on strike, anyone gonna join?’ and ‘Anyone wanna sign a petition?’ and so on. Not the best of starts. Also, there are loads of rumours going around and on Wednesday I decided to go and talk to my form tutor to find out what was actually happening. She told me that the things she’d heard was that he has the right to confiscate and destroy phones, he’s bringing in sniffer dogs, he has the right to make you empty out your bag/pockets and if you have a detention after school you have it the same day and they won’t phone your parents. I think these are all terrible and I said this to my tutor and she was just a bit like ‘What can I do about it?’, so I decided to set some stuff out to make me more relaxed at school and so I don’t get into any unwanted trouble. 

First of all, I will not use my phone unless it’s an emergency while in school. By emergency I mean I have a detention after school that day sort of thing. Last term I used to check my phone after every lesson and during break and lunch, but since he threatened to smash it up, I decided I love my phone too much to let it die such a horrible death. Secondly, I will only take in water and a little Capri Sun drink food-wise, that way, it won’t be so much of a loss if the sniffer dogs try to eat it. Thirdly, keep my phone/purse in my bra. I know this sounds crazy but I do at weekends when I have no pockets and it gets less uncomfortable over time, trust me, but if I’m gonna have to empty out my bag I don’t want them seeing that. Same with my ‘Girlie Things’. 

Another thing that happened was I got told my trousers were too tracksuit-bottom-y. I’ve been wearing them since I joined a year and a half ago, and I spoke to my tutor about this and how fuming me and my mum were about it and she said she thinks they’re fine, but still. Me and my best friend have been having mini wars with our teachers since September about uniform because on the first day back my friend got told her skirt was too short. Her mum came in over it and said ‘My daughter will get a knee-length skirt when everyone else in the school has’ and same with her skinny jeans. So I went out and got a pair of peg-leg black plain trousers from New Look for £14.99, not bad, but my mum was still in a really bad mood about it, with it just being Christmas and all. Every other girl in the school has them, and I said to my mum that if they’re not happy with them then I’ll just walk out. I know I’m here to give you advice but it’s just so annoying, and please don’t do the same thing, but I honestly doubt this will happen to you. Also, although everyone is saying that my old trousers were OK, I still got new ones because I told the teacher that I would have it sorted by Monday earliest, and you can get excluded for up to 3 days for having the wrong uniform. Looking back, I would’ve just spoken to my house leaders straight away and see what they thought then see whether I’d have to get some new ones or not, but I’ve got them now and I like them better than my old ones, so yeah. 

Lastly, yesterday my French teacher wrote on my assessment said I need to change my handwriting. She didn’t actually say that, but same thing. She can’t read my handwriting and that was it for me this week, I got home and was like ‘I’m moving, I’m moving!’ I was so annoyed at it. What it was that I don’t put little curly bits on my y’s, g’s and j’s just because I don’t and I haven’t for ages, and we had to write it on this other sheet, and just to annoy her I missed out the curly bits on that as well. What I would do in this situation is just carry on doing it, it’s YOUR personal handwriting, don’t make anyone change it. 

I hope I have helped on this topic as I know many people clash with teachers. If you want advice on another circumstance with a teacher or school life, just put it in the comments and I will try to give you advice ASAP.

Thank you for reading and see you next week,

Rachel x


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