New Year’s Resolutions 2014

Now, finding a New Year’s Resolution that you’ll stick to is possibly one of the hardest things humanly possible to do. Let’s be honest, we all know one person who will spend until the 7th January in the gym and then say they have ‘work’ or ‘family commitments’ to get out of going for the rest of the year. I’m just going to explain how to make sure you stick to your New Years Resolutions, explain mine and how to stick with them. 

Ok, so first of all pick something you really want to do, or like me, think back to last year. What do you wish you did last year that you never ended up doing? And you don’t always have to stick to one New Year’s Resolution, I have chosen 4 this year. My first one is (like every other girl on the planet) is to lose a bit of weight. I have always been a big girl and last year I lost a stone and a half (21 lbs) (thank you :D) so I know it is possible and I just hope to knock a bit more of. Now, most of you out there will have this as your New Year’s Resolution as well, and it’s easy to go a bit overboard with the no chocolate/starving yourself thing. Let me get this out now: DON’T STARVE YOURSELF OR FORBID CHOCOLATE IN YOUR DIET!!!!!! Starving yourself is the worst way to loose weight, and it can result in eating disorders such as anorexia etc. and everyone needs a little chocolate once in a while, even just as a treat once a week/few weeks. Obviously you’re not going to notice the effects overnight, but you will feel a lot happier and people will soon notice and tell you how great you look, which is always a nice thing to be told. For me, I cut out all snacks in between meals because I don’t go food shopping, my parents do so they pick up chocolate biscuits and things like that. If you buy the food for your house buy some healthy snacks but still limit yourself, maybe only one snack a day max.. Also, limit portion sizes. If you’re used to big meals, cut down little by little so it doesn’t feel like you are starving yourself straight away. Another very important thing, if you drink Regular Coke, change it to Diet Coke and the same for any other fizzy drinks you may drink. I had to do this anyway when I had my braces put on but I did it before as well because I didn’t want horrible yellow teeth. Something else I did about a year or so before I lost loads of weight I became a pescetarian. For those of you that don’t know, a pescetarian is someone who doesn’t eat meat but will eat fish, so I’m cutting all fatty meats out of my diet as well which is quiet good. I’m not saying become a vegetarian or pescetarian but definitely here in England you can get this stuff called Quorn which is fake chicken but tastes like chicken and gives you protein but has less fat. I tend to eat the Chicken Bites as some of the other stuff isn’t very good, but I do recommend that. 

My second New Year’s Resolution was to get better grades at school. I’m in Year Eight at school and for those who don’t know that is from the ages of 12-13. I’m about to go back to school and this is the year I choose my options and I think it’s the next few weeks where I choose them. Options is when you choose 4 or 5 subjects (in my school it’s 4 and 1 reserve in case we don’t get one of the 4 we wanted to get) and you do them through the Year’s 9, 10 and they are your GCSE’s in Year 11. I’m really nervous about it because although I’ve always had good grades, I want to take Drama and carry it on and do it as GCSE’s and stuff and I know people who are better than me, and I can not imagine doing anything other than Drama for the rest of my life, so it’s pretty tough. My only real backup plan is working on the tills at Tesco or a hairdresser, so I really need these grades. If you are in the same position as me right now or about to take your GCSE’s or whatever the only advise I can give to you is don’t panic. I know it’s rich coming from me, but exams are worth studying for, but not so excessively you’re actually at breaking point. If you find yourself getting stressed over studying I would recommend just go get a drink (non-alcoholic, not on a school night :p) or put on some relaxing music and take a 5-10 minute break. Don’t have so long a break you end up watching MTV and fall asleep on your sofa, but try your best, that’s all you can do. As long as you and your parents know you have done your best, that’s all that matters. If you have to resit some, fine, resit some, but done get so hung up over it you can’t sleep at night. 

My third New Year’s Resolution is to Just Say Yes. I’m not going to lie, I watched a Zoella video on YouTube and decided on it, but if you haven’t seen it I’m going to quickly explain it for you. Just Say Yes does what it says on the tin, you just say yes to things you wouldn’t normally do. Obviously not like jumping off a cliff or anything, but going to parties and going out a bit more. Last year I gained a bit of confidence at the beginning of the year and then it drifted off and I was still shy around certain people. In my school report they were like two different people, some said she needs to stop talking and other’s said she needs to speak up a bit more. Guess which ones I was in with my friends!! So yeah, I just want to be able to go out with no cares in the world and have fun as people my age should. It’s basically about if your shy and if you want to stay in, go out, meet new people, act as if everyday is your last. Also, I highly recommend Zoella’s videos, she is my favorite YouTuber ever, and she posts videos on Beauty, Fashion and other things with her friends. I’m doing a lot of recommending today!

My final and most important New Year’s Resolution (well, for me anyway) is not comparing myself to other girls but not bitching about them, just picking out the good bits in them. It also ties in with staying happy so I made them as one. Basically, I had a tough time last year and I was just a not very happy person. This is more summer/spring but over Autumn/Winter I got a little better and this is making me 100% better (smiley face!) Also there’s loads of stuff about young girls not thinking they’re good enough or not pretty enough and I’m guilty of it myself. As I’ve said before I have been overweight all my life and for school I have to wear glasses and I have braces (not a good combo on me) and I have thick hair and I don’t have time to put on makeup in the morning, so I go out looking like a wreck. Not to mention our school uniform is the most unflattering thing ever – big heavy jumpers that do nothing for you. And then I’ll see other girls who have woken at half 6 in the morning to straighten their hair and put it up all nice and put 5 inches of makeup on, and it’s horrible to see at half 8 every morning 5 days a week. Also, social networking (mainly Facebook) makes you able to look at their photos and see them with flat tummy’s and with their undeniably perfect boyfriends. I spent most of last year looking at these photos and thinking ‘Why can’t I be like them?’ or ‘What makes them so perfect and not me?’. It is horrible, but all you can do is smile and think, maybe one day that’ll be me or that your personality is better than your looks and that what everyone loves about you. Just because those boys have fallen in love with that girl over her huge boobs and amazing bum, doesn’t mean they’re not going to pick something amazing out about you that everyone’s going to want. Those girls probably have their insecurities or have a background that no one knows about just like everyone else, it’s just that’s how they decide to get away from it. The second part of my New Year’s Resolution was stay happy. So far this has stayed and I’m writing a small thing every single day that basically says ‘Something I wouldn’t necessarily do’ and ‘Something I’ve done to boost my confidence’. If you are shy or have insecurities, please do this, I only came up with it New Year’s Day, and I’m hoping I will see the difference by the end of this year that those little things have helped. 

Ok, I think I’ve babbled on enough now, but I hope I’ve helped some of you out there. If you have anything to do with New Year’s that I have missed (whether it be recommended New Year’s Resolutions or how to keep it) then please put it in the comments below and I will get to answering those either next Saturday or during the week. Another thing I forgot to say, I will upload a main blog once a week on a Saturday. So yeah, thanks for reading and see you next week, Rachel x


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